The unique flexible foam material dampens vibration and aids shock absorption. Distributed pressure across the tendons alleviates pain, distributes stress, and aids in preventing overloading.


This skin-friendly fabric is designed to breathe comfortably during intensive exercise and to wick away sweat and reduce skin irritation and unpleasant odors.

Introducing the next generation in athletic compression support wear, the Bracoo Performance Sports Products are custom designed to assist athletes in maximizing muscle efficiency & performance, while minimizing the risk of injury & time spend recovering.

Graduated Compression (15-20mmHg) from the ankles decreasing towards the calf; improves blood circulation, which in turn helps the body to more effectively metabolize lactic acid & other natural by-products of fatigue, increase muscle oxygenation, and accelerate tissue recovery. With ground-breaking technology such as targeted woven support to the ankles & calves and durable design that is both practical & comfortable. Suitable for both aerobic and anaerobic routines, the graduated compression enables the body to function more efficiently and heal faster, while providing firm compression to the muscles for improved stability, more efficient kinetic energy transfer, and greater proprioception.