Support for Life

Bracoo was founded with a mission to bring quality products at affordable prices to the market. Our close partnerships with both suppliers and manufacturers allow us to closely monitor quality and cost—creating an efficient product development process.

Bracoo specializes in combining innovative technology with the finest material—leading the industry with superior quality and functionality. Our passion is to create products that customers love to use

We put our customers first. By listening to your needs and feedback we ensure that we’re designing the products you need. Bracoo does not build products for you, we build products with you.

Listening to Our Customer

We value our customers' feedback and use it as a foundation to not only build new products, but improve existing ones. Through reviews and usability testing, we ensure that we design high-quality products that are usable and comfortable. Our “feedback-test -learn loop” keeps us focused on making products that truly address your needs.

Professional Product Development

Each and every piece of customer feedback gets considered by our product team. When a request gets significant volume, we evaluate and respond by adjusting our designs or adding a new product line to address your needs. Whether it’s using a more comfortable material, better coverage for the protected area, or whatever it may be, we make the necessary improvements to make sure we build products you love to use.

After we create new prototypes, they undergo a series of user tests including both internal and external focus groups. After this extensive product testing procedure, a new product is added to the Bracoo family.

Looking Ahead

We are continually striving for the ultimate user experience as we add more products into our lineup. We want our products to support you in your daily lives, offering you more control and protection to do the things you love.