Introducing the latest breakthrough in orthopedic support and athletic compression technology. Our new lines of braces are expertly crafted to provide tailored assistance for enhanced stability and comfort. These designs aim to minimize discomfort and help in the recovery process while supporting the affected area effectively. Our athletic wear is engineered to maximize muscle efficiency and performance while reducing the risk of injury.

Ergo Lumbar Support

The contoured plate imitates the natural curve of the lumbar spine, providing extended coverage of the L4–L5 vertebrae. This gives the lower back extra support and stability.

- Ergonomic and comfortable
- L4 to L5 vertebrae support
- Full Lumbar Stability


FlexiFit contains a highly customizable core that can be modified by applying heat. Once the core reaches the appropriate temperature, the brace can be molded to any shape that is specific to the user's needs. After cooling, FlexiFit will retain its shape.


The adjustable braces are designed to proactively prevent injuries by providing customizable support and protection. Removeable components are included in the brace to accommodate the needs of our users. Pressure, mobility, and wearing methods can be adjusted by adding or removing these parts.


Ergonomically contoured splints from VitalRecover cater to the natural curves of the body, ensuring comfortable support during movements. The splint not only functions as a stabilizer but also promotes healthy posture while in use.


MotionGuard utilizes ring-shaped metal springs to create the perfect balance between stability, flexibility, and support.


RejuvaFit takes a softer and more breathable approach. The ergonomically shaped silicone is designed to surround key body parts, providing shock absorption and pressure relief. This promotes muscle and joint stability while facilitating fluid movements.


AeroMesh neoprene is designed with air pores on both the inner and outer layers, which provide improved ventilation, making it 4x more breathable than conventional neoprene products. The permeability reduces the likelihood of irritation brought on by sweating and odor buildup..


RevitalFlex employs a lightweight EVA pad that reduces stress and pressure placed on the joint and its surrounding muscles. This helps increase overall stabilization during physical activities.


The unique weave of EverFresh focuses on permeability and comfort. The thin yet durable material delivers a lightweight and stretchable fit for the user.