De Quervain's disease also known as texting thumb, gamer's thumb or washerwoman's sprain. This disease occurs when the two tendons around the base of thumb become swollen.


Happened on the base of the thumb, there are two tendons that around the thumb.


The sheaths become thicker and pressure on two specific tendons around thumb (extensor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis longus) which cause inflammation.

High-Risk Groups

It easily occurs on any activity that repetitive hand or wrist movement, such as lifting baby, working in the garden, typing or texting too much.etc.


The Symptoms are pain and swelling at the radial (outside of the thumb) side of the wrist, also feel numbness along the back of thumb and index finger.


In the acute period, stop the activity that will worsen the symptom and get enough rest. Also can use thumb support or stabilizer to help thumb keep in a natural position.


Avoid doing the repetitive activities to deteriorate the situation or having a pressure around the wrist area.




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