BRACOO’s Newly Designed KE60, Lightweight and Breathable, Equipped with an Ergo EVA Pad and Lateral Stabilizers
KE60 Knee Airy Sleeve

California, USA – August 24th, 2023 – BRACOO released the KE60, a newly designed knee sleeve engineered to support and strengthen the Patella and its surroundings. The KE60 is geared with features that will help prevent injuries and soothe existing pain and discomfort.

Detail-Oriented Design
The brace is equipped with lateral stabilizers and an ergo EVA pad, both of which are crucial in stabilizing and guiding the knee joint within its natural range of motion.

The lateral stabilizers guide the knee during flexion while allowing enough flexibility for fluid natural movements.

The semi-circular EVA pad effectively disperses pressure and provides support for the patella. The knee brace stimulates the nerves around the area, thus increasing proprioception. This makes it an excellent choice for users who require additional support during physical activities.

The KE60 knee sleeve is effective in reducing work-related knee pain, strains, and arthritis. By wearing the brace, the risk of such injuries during intense exercise or heavy knee usage is reduced. It is the ideal protection for the ACL, PCL, and MCL ligaments.

Why the KE60?
Knee injuries often occur while playing sports, participating in recreational activities, or partaking in strenuous activities at work. Most injuries cause swelling, but proper compression of the injured area can help limit the amount of swelling that occurs.

The KE60 is not only capable of preventing new injuries but also ensures that previous injuries do not worsen.


  • Contoured Dual Stabilizer — Lateral spring stabilizers guide the knee during flexion while allowing enough flexibility for natural, fluid movements.
  • Patella EVA Pad — The EVA pad supports the patella and disperses tension that can affect the kneecap in a negative way.
  • Natural Unrestricted Movements — The lightweight material used is soft and easy to put on. Once worn, it fits snugly without causing skin irritation.
  • Breathable and Comfortable — Incorporating the latest seaming technology, the brace is permeable to air, which facilitates heat exchange and eliminates sweat buildup. ​​


  • Color: Gray / Black
  • S/ M/ L/ XL
  • Single Product Size (mm): (S)130*270*8mm, (M)145*270*8mm,
    (L)160*290*8mm, (XL)170*290*8mm
  • Package size (mm): 210*270*10mm
  • N.W. (g/pcs ): (S)39g, (M)40g, (L)48g, (XL)49g
  • G.W. (g/pcs ): (S)58g, (M)59g, (L)67g, (XL)68g

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